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The 2017 Rescue Reunion will be held September 16th from Noon to 3 pm----same location as 2016!

All former adopters with STRMN are invited with their families and Shih Tzu! 

You should have received a "Save the Date" postcard by now--watch for your formal invitational flyer within the next few weeks!

You will enjoy a complimentary picnic lunch, a fun Shih Tzu store, dog food vendors, free behavior training with "Your Dog's Best Friend", a photo booth with Angela Boone Photography, and an enclosed Dog Arena for off-leash play time! 

This event is lots of fun and offers lots of social interaction for your dog---adopters, please attend!
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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true,
to the last  beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
~ Author Unknown ~
February 2015

Julie and Cory Olson are known and recognized by STRMN as a “Hospice Home” for Senior Shih Tzu.

Markie is one of those dear ones they gave a loving home to the last 9 months of her life.  Markie was 14 and retired from a life of show dog and breeder.

She was a beautiful, calm, sweet girl who loved being with Julie and Cory and the rest of the “old gang”. 

She was never in pain, and chose to leave this earth in a peaceful way with Julie’s tender arms around her.
March 2015

Buttons was a special boy rescued from a puppy mill:  A freezing ice storm sweep through the breeding facility, which was vacated by the owner.  Only a few of the dogs survived after being left alone for 1 week!

Because of the abuse he suffered under a man, it took him a long time to bond with men, but seemed to have great loyalty and love to women.

He was a joy to his foster Mom and greatly loved for 8 years in his forever home with JoAnn and Ken.

He loved going on walks and exploring the yards, but his favorite pastime was finding your “lost” slippers and shoes, and relocating them around the house!

Button Boy, be a sweet angel in heaven and please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge!
April 2015

In July, 2007 a sweet, lively little girl named Rosie came to me as a foster dog.  Rosie was rescued from a puppy mill in Arkansas.  She had been a mommy many times over during her first six or so years of life.  She came to me with mammary tumors that continued to plague her for the rest of her life.  While I was fostering Rosie, my mother passed away.  My mom really loved Rosie and my Shih Tzu, Lucy.  So, in honor of my mom I adopted Rosie as my own.  It was one of the very best decisions I have made in my life!  Rosie spent the first few years with me learning what dog life SHOULD be like.   Going for a walk was a wonderful part of the day.  It was actually fun to have your paws touch the green grass!  So many good smells and people to meet along the way.  Sleeping on a soft bed was so much better than a wire cage.  Good food and treats to eat.  How good it felt to be healthy after some much needed veterinary care.  Doggy companionship with a special Shih Tzu friend named Lucy and later, Cookie, who were her constant companions.   Most of all, the love and care of people who treated her with respect and love.       Rosie was finally learning what it was like to be a beloved pet instead of a puppy mill momma.

Rosie never looked back at her awful puppy mill experience.  She decided to live her life with a happy, playful, attitude.  There was no squeak toy that Rosie didn’t call her own!  Rosie gave so much in the almost 8 years I had her as my own.   She taught so many of my foster dogs how to walk nicely on a leash, how to sit politely for dinner or a treat, so many things that good dogs need to know.  Most of all, Rosie gave everyone she met her quiet, unconditional love.   She died in my arms on April 22, 2015.

I will be forever grateful for my little Rosie Posie.  She is one of the doggy loves of my life!  Thank you Rosie!  We love you so very much!

Debbie and Cookie
May 2015

In July of 2006, 3 little puppy mill girls were sent to our rescue.  Violet was 1 of these 3 “Flower Girls”.

Of the 3, she had the most medical needs.  Besides routine vaccines, she needed care for her eyes, ears, and 2 knees that needed to be surgically repaired.

She was 6 years old and was a petite 8#.  After her 2nd knee surgery, Judi and Jim adopted her so she could join Daisy, another flower girl they had adopted just months earlier!

She was a precocious little girl who made sure everyone knew she ran the show! 

Violet added much laughter and joy to her home: sleeping under her blankets and covers, tossing and pouncing on her toys, and purring when someone comes to visit!

Judi, Jim, her foster Mom Martha, and many others in STRMN miss her greatly-and we look forward to seeing her in heaven one day at the Rainbow Bridge!
May 2015

Penny and Verdell are 2 Senior dogs Julie and Cory took in to their home as STRMN Hospice Dogs.  They adopted them both to keep them loved and secure for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately it was not for long.  Penny came at age 14 in Aug. 2014 and lived until April 2015;  Verdell came to them at age 14 in March 2014 and lived until May 2015.  They experienced all kinds of wonderful love and care such as Midnight Snacks, comfy dog beds, and sleeping with Julie and Cory.  They will always be remembered for bringing joy and touching many lives as Senior Dogs.

The Olson Hospice Care Center is vacant now, but STRMN is sure they will soon find another needy soul that can fill the void left by Markie, Penny, and Verdell.
December 2015

Elway was one of the most handsome ShihTzu I have ever seen!  He just loved life, and learned to love people again after STRMN gave him a second chance.  Like so many other canine babies, he was purchased and was given expectations without nurture, protection or direction. Like so many do, he became fearful, aggressive, traumatized and was almost put down.  While being fostered at my home I fell head over heels for him.  I worked with Max from "Your Dog's Best Friend" training and learned the techniques and boundaries Elway would need.  He made great strides while with me, but one day something snapped and I got bit quite badly.  Although I wanted to have him stay with me, I knew that the best place for him was in a trainers' home where he would get 24/7 training and reinforcements in correct behavior.  So, on he went to live with Max.  
This would now be a  place where they would listen and relate to each other through trust and support. Elway became part of a new community with friends like Lokie and Nate who brought peace to his heart, teachers like Sam, Buddy, Bo and Cajun who showed him how to be himself.  People he could trust  taught him that humans can trust and respect him.  Elway became one of the happiest dog I ever met. He was known all over the Lake Harriet area as he "shopped" and visited!  He pounced and bounced and jumped and danced.  He felt a serenity and contentment that was provided by a community that believes in learning from nature and teaching ourselves. A community that builds trust respect loyalty and love by practicing and teaching exercise discipline then affection....and he finally found a home with a real family. A family that asked, "what do you need?" rather than "what do we want?".  Unfortunately as the children were leaving for school one day, Elway bolted out the door, ran out into traffic, was hit and killed instantly.  It breaks my heart, and always will, that he could not live a long full life after he had gone through so much to get to the point where he could be happy and  respected.  I will never stop loving you...........

July 2016

Martha, of Shih Tzu Rescue (my neighbor), would often walk past my house with foster dogs she had.  I am sure she was thinking one would catch my eye after losing my own dog suddenly.  One day she came walking by with “Glory”.  I looked at her and it was love at first sight.  I knew she was the one.  She gave me over seven years of joy.  She loved to sing, was so sweet, and a great little cuddler.  The last few years she developed an eye disease, went blind, and soon lost her hearing. But, she still enjoyed life, pranced down the sidewalk and greeted everyone.  Her best friend was Martha’s Shi Tzu, Gracie.  Martha lost Gracie to heart disease, and right after she died Glory developed dementia and some other issues, and soon joined her BFF/Gracie in heaven.  My love and heart will be forever “Glory”.
August 2016

On April 9, 2016 an adorable little Shihpoo named Willow came to live with me.  After an adjustment period she had picked her favorite spots in my home.  She loved the couch, looking out the window, on the bed, and any sunny spot.  It took her about a month to bark, and I didn’t know such a big bark could come out of such a little dog!  It seemed like she was protecting me when friends entered the house.  I felt we had finally made a connection.

Willow was a very sweet dog and seemed to catch on to my likes pretty quickly.  I was definitely in love with this adorable dog that had entered my life.  She loved her walks in the park, sniffing every blade of grass, and meeting new canine friends.
On June 20 she saw a chance to get away from my loving protection, and bolted away like a bullet.  She was missing overnight, and although found the next day, I was on my way to go to a convention.  Her foster mom, Lorna, was pet sitting and we immediately took her to the Vet as it seemed all was not right with Willow.  The Vet determined that during her “adventure” she was probably hit by a car and possibly bitten by an animal.  Her lungs and liver were damaged and she was already full of infection.  We took her to the emergency vet, where I asked them to do whatever they could to save her. She stayed overnight, but on Wednesday I was told that Willow could not survive a surgery due to her damaged lung and low blood pressure.  I told the vet to let her go.  I did not have a chance to say goodbye, but she was so loved.  The memories of our short time together will be cherished in my heart forever.  I have her paw print and tags.

I want to thank the wonderful people at Shih Tzu Rescue of MN. For all their help, and hope to welcome another pet in the future.
August 2016

Sweet, sweet Sassy came into rescue the summer of 2015.  Our rescue knew Sassy was ill when we took her into rescue.  But, after lots of vet visits we found out Sassy was very sick with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.   Our rescue worked with Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners to help Sassy with her illness.  On one of our many visits to the clinic, Sassy and her foster mom, met a wonderful person named Tiffany Clymer.  Tiffany works at Blue Pearl and fell in love with Sassy the minute she met her!  Tiffany and husband Brian, along with their daughters MacKenzie and Riley and dog, Paddy adopted Sassy. 
Even though Sassy had constant diarrhea, she was always a happy, playful, sweet girl.  Her personality matched her beautiful face!  Most days, Sassy went to work with Tiffany and everyone at Blue Pearl loved her!  She was the Blue Pearl mascot!  The Blue Pearl doctors did all they could to make Sassy well, but she was a very difficult case.  Sassy had less than a year with her wonderful family.  Then her body could just no longer heal.  We lost Sassy less than a year after she had come into rescue.

I would like to thank sweet Sassy for the joy and doggy love she brought to both me and Cookie when we fostered her. She was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever fostered!  I also need to thank the wonderful Clymer family who gave Sassy a home and family with lots of love! 

August 2016

I lost my dear friend Pepper Sunday the 28th. Pepper was having increased belly breathing Friday. An a x-ray showed both her heart and liver were enlarged. As a result of the abnormal heart Pepper was in heart failure. I tried to help remove the excess fluid from her lungs with diuretics over the weekend but she progressively declined. Sunday I was cornered to make that decision to stop her struggling. Affiliated Emergency Vet Services were very empathetic and kind in helping me through the process. Pepper passed in peace and was no longer struggling to breathe.
I thank you for allowing me to adopt Pepper in 2012 as we developed a strong bond. Pepper was the queen of my home and my life revolved around her. Pepper as you may remember had very loud snorts and snores; my home is definitely quiet without her sweet noises. Pepper was 2 months shy from turning 11 years old. Even though I had her for half of her life, I feel as if I had her for her ten years of life. My heart has never felt so heavy as it has this week without my beautiful shih Tzu.

Keep up the great work that you're providing to these beautiful creatures. They make their way right into the center our hearts. I hope to work with you again soon.

October 21, 2016

We were thrilled to officially welcome Emma into our home on July 27 of 2015 (Thank you STRMN and Sue and Mendal), and what a blessing she was to us, with her one blue eye and one brown!  Happy, playful, and just full of life!  She loved to be outside and go for walks, kept us busy throwing her ball for her, and entertained us as she threw her squeaky toys around and buried them in a blanket or under a throw rug.  She was our great protector and kept us safe from neighborhood squirrels, rabbits, garbage trucks and school buses. 
Sadly, it wasn't to last.  In April of 2016, she stopped eating, and blood tests showed she had an incredibly high ALT count (liver enzyme).   An ultrasound showed her liver to be enlarged.  Her ALT did come down but Emma was never quite the same.  We got her eating and feeling good again, but a few months later she again stopped eating.  Neither our vet nor the critical care vets we took her to were able to determine what the problem was.  When the meds worked, she felt great, but the length of time between needing to tweak them became shorter and shorter.  Although she still wanted to go for walks and play, she began having some periods of discomfort, and the day came when she looked at me and said, "Do something".  We had her put down the next day and our hearts were broken.  She was only 11.

Sweet Little Emma!  You brought us so much joy and we love you and miss you.  We weren't able to be your people for nearly as long as we would have liked, but we'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Sue and Tom
November 2016

Zeus was one of a kind!  Even in his senior years his sparkling, funny personality shined each day.  He began each morning and each arrival home with his signature "Zeusy dance" of rolls, flops, bounces, and shimmy's.  In between he was a happy boy on a walk, or next to you on the couch.  He was the type of dog that made you a better person:  you found yourself caring and giving more love and affection than you ever thought possible.  His beautiful red coat attracted everyone's attention, and he was always very receptive to human touch and compliments.  Zeus had lots of little health issues in his 14 years, but he seemed to just keep wanting to live life to the fullest--even with his big move to North Carolina!  Love has a way of doing that. He was always treated like another family member by Bill and Sharon. He was Bill's close companion.  A sudden seizure late at night was too much for Zeus to overcome and he left this earth to join so many of his buddies in heaven. 

Bill and Sharon, thank you for loving him so very much for these many years.  Cathryn and Martha had the privilege of loving him for a short time in our homes too, and he was indeed one of a kind.
November 2016

Fostered by Scott and Diane

Carlo and Norma lost their precious Sumi due to heart failure in the summer of 2016.  She is the first of our foster dogs that has passed away.  Sumi was adopted in 2011 from Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota and she had been a constant and faithful companion to Norma and Carlo. She went on numerous road trips with them and liked to camp in their RV.  Sumi was easy going and loved going for long walks and accompanied Carlo and Norma almost everywhere they went. They said she never had one accident  and she would roll over to have her tummy rubbed as long as you were willing to do it.  Sumi came into rescue with two other dogs.  They had not been in a good situation because of the owner’s abusive boyfriend.  All three dogs were doing very well in their new adoptive homes, until Sumi got sick last summer and passed away. Carlo and Norma have recently adopted another dog from STRMN named Zeus and he loves his new home with them. I think Sumi is looking down and is happy that they found a new companion to keep them company, because she is so dearly missed..
January 2017

On Saturday, November, 5, 2016, Poppi, our sweet Little Lion,
transitioned into living energy at the UMN Vet Hospital.
Beginning in September, Poppi's long-standing level-3 heart
murmur elevated to a 5 before his heart failed just two short
months later.

Poppi wasn't with us for long, but the depth of his imprint on
our hearts is immeasurable. He was our first Shih Tzu, and a
very old soul. Although we already had a house full of love and
excitement with two dogs and two cats, Poppi made
everything MORE exciting and MORE special. Having been
told that he had never been heard to bark, Poppi found his
voice on the third day. He loved barking at his brother Hank,
as Hank barked out the window at other dogs, almost as
much as he loved going on car rides and going for walks. He
never met a tree he didn't like and need to fully investigate,
and propping himself up out the car window with his short little
legs and the wind whipping through his hair clearly made him
feel ALIVE.
Although we never knew exactly how old he was, 10, 11, or maybe 12, Poppi embraced every single
day. It was almost as if he was experiencing puppyhood all over again, except this time with his brother
Hank, his sister Sophie, and my husband and me. We were all along for the ride, and we were all under
his spell, and somehow, in 13 months time, Poppi became the heart of our already long-established

His physical absence was and still is incredibly painful, but we feel and experience his life-loving energy
every day, and know that his spirit remains with us forever. He even helped bring us his successor,
Herbie, a three year-old Shih Tzu we recently adopted through STRMN. Thanks to Poppi, we now know
that we never want to be without a Shih Tzu. They are truly magical creatures, and for us, Poppi was
the most magical of all. The joy he brought was worth every single tear, and we would do it all over
again in a heartbeat.

Thank-you, Jeri, for providing Poppi with exactly the loving environment he needed before coming to us.
Thank-you, Ann, Debbie, Kristi, and STRMN. You are truly doing God's work. Thank-you for bringing us
these sweet, loving, funny and mysterious angels! What an honor and a privilege it has been to get to
love them...
May 2017

Scott and Diane fostered Roxy, who was a beautiful, young
Shih Tzu/Cavalier Spaniel mix.  Unfortunately Roxy came into
the world with some health issues. While in foster care, she
was in pain a lot of the time and initially we could not figure
out what was wrong.  Our vet suspected it was Syringomyelia,
and the veterinary neurologist confirmed it.  Syringomyelia is
very common to Cavalier Spaniels. Syringomyelia (SM) is an
extremely serious condition in which fluid-filled cavities develop
within the spinal cord near the brain.  It is also known as
"neck scratcher's disease", because one of its common signs
is scratching in the air near the neck. SM is rare in most
breeds but has become very widespread in Cavalier King
Charles Spaniels and the Brussels Griffon.  Roxy was adopted
by Bob and Carol in spite of her illness. They took great care
of her, but her condition got progressively worse and they
ultimately had to euthanize her, two and a half years after
adopting her.  They were wonderful adopters and took great
care of Roxy during the short time they had her. Roxy loved
spending weekends at their lake place and she was greatly
loved by Bob and Carol.   She was a sweet girl who did not
deserve this health condition, but she brought joy to all of us
during her short life.
2015 thru Present Day
May 2017

Jazzy came into our lives as a shy, meek, and needy little
creature.  She left as a self-confident and fun loving little dog. 
Through the 2 ½ short years with us, she became an integral
part of our family.  She loved her daily walks, car rides for
errands, visiting friends, camping and going to the horse barn. 
She loved barking and growling at the horses while perched in
her car seat. Evenings were Dad time with trips up to the
hardware store and slow walks on the path.  On the
weekends, she slept in late and after breakfast would softly
bark and growl and demand a car ride to a nearby golf course-
she knew her routine and how to make it happen.

Jazzy was the ultimate lady with impeccable manners.  She
never begged for food and or jumped on a piece of furniture
without first getting permission.  Alas, she took her duties as
a protector very seriously and had strict security perimeters.
Jazzy’s personality, companionship and spirit will not be
forgotten but, continue to be sorely missed.
July 2017

Bob and Paul adopted these 2 beautiful girls about 7 years ago. 
They were faithful attendees at our Rescue Reunion for many years,
and always looked so regal and happy!  Maggie developed a heart
murmur that worsened into a bad heart condition. The medications
stopped working this week and her little heart started to give out. 
Lady too, had health problems, but of a different nature:  they were
neurological, and later she was unable to control her walking and
movement.  She also developed early onset dementia.  Maggie was
taken to the Vet July 1 to cross “the Rainbow Bridge”, and Lady
came faithfully along sticking close to Maggie out of concern and as
if protecting her.  Quickly things changed as Lady had an anxiety
attack, followed by a siezure.  She too crossed the Bridge with her
sister-side by side, in the arms of Bob and Paul. 

“It was an incredibly tough day to loose both of our beautiful dogs
who brought so much joy to all those that met them.  We wanted to
thank everyone at Shih-Tzu Rescue of Minnesota for the work they
do, and especially Martha for bringing Maggie into our lives.  We are
so very grateful to have known her.  We are going to take a break to
recover from our loss but I am sure at some point we will reach out to
you to help rescue more beautiful Shih-Tzu’s in need of a better